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3D Design Render Projects ↷

Residential Austin Model Proposal 

3D Interior design render proposal of Maple Leaf Home's Austin model home - These bold blue tones are stunning!

 Click here to view on my Instagram page.

3D Interior Design Render - Maple Leaf Homes Residential Austin Model Home

Residential Austin Model 
Proposal - Dining Area

This bold blue modern dining room is definitely eye-catching! The beautiful accent wall provides a unique touch.

Holly - MLH Render 2.png

Shipping Container
Design Render- Inside View

Shipping container homes have various pro's, such as:

- Shipping container homes have predictable costs.

- Many container homes are available as prefabricated homes = cuts down construction time.

Holly - Shipping Container Render 17.png

Residential Austin Model
Proposal- Kitchen & Living Room 


This open concept kitchen + living room design allows a lot of natural light to pour through the windows. Imagine waking up to this view, cradling a hot cup of coffee!

Holly - MLH Render 5.png

Shipping Container Design
Render - Bird's Eye View

Steel shipping containers can be found everywhere! (Ex. trains, trucks, and ships) by utilizing these containers, people are crafting unique homes with various sizes + design layouts.

Click here to view on my Instagram page.

Holly - Shipping Container Render 14.png

3D Rendering 
- Bedroom Area

How unique is this 3D bedroom design render? This relaxing space is equipped with adequate cabinetry space, perfect for a fashionista!

Holly - Interior Render 1 .png

3D Design Render Gallery ↷

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